Pom Bushing

POM composite bushing

Metal-polymer bushings: steel-backed POM-coated self-lubricating plain bearings and thrust washers

Features: Suitable for high load and low speed. The sliding layer contains indentations to retain grease. Cylindrical bushings, flange bushings, thrust washers or slide plates are available. Good wear resistance and low shaft wear. Low friction under lubricated conditions

pom bushing
pom bushing

What is POM Bushing?

POM bushings are POM composite bushings, the perfect solution to reduce machine noise and vibration! They are an inexpensive, easy-to-install way to reduce noise and vibration. Our composite bushings are made of lightweight, high-strength materials that absorb vibration better than metal or rubber. This makes it ideal for reducing wear on bearings, gears, shafts and other mechanical components. It also reduces heat build-up caused by friction and can extend bearing life up to three times that of traditional materials such as steel or bronze.

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Materials: Wide range of engineered materials including steel, bronze, brass, copper, bimetal, composite bushings. Various grades and profiles for most materials including bimetal bearings. Get better prices on self-lubricating bushings to lower your costs. We have export experience in self-lubricating bronze bushings and bimetal bearings to keep your bushing safe while saving you money. Discover our plain bearings. Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bushings, including bimetallic sleeve bearings, steel-backed bushings with flanges, and more.

pom bushing

Low maintenance dry plain bearing dx bushing solution

POM composite bushings are commonly used in general industrial machinery, heavy machinery, machining facilities, factories and automotive parts in place of DX bushings.

Custom bushing design. Non-standard cylindrical bushings. Use composite bushing material; suitable for dry and high temperature applications. Online consultation! Highlights: Sliding bearing experts are available, composite bushing lubrication customized size experience! Plain bearings are low maintenance and consist of three layers: steel, porous bronze and POM resin. The cavity of the metal polymer-acetal resin is a true lubricant reserve, so that the pom within the specified range will not suffer from alignment defects and edge overloading, while guaranteeing heat loss from the bearing working surface.

Metal POM Bushing Supplier

The POM composite bushing product portfolio includes sleeve bushings, flange sizes, and thrust washers and plain bearing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Bushing Catalog: Composite Bushing Low Maintenance Steel Backing and Lubrication Bags. Three-ply POM composite straight shaft bushings in metric sizes.

Dry Film Lubricant Coating Dry Film Coating
Solid lubrication for parts subject to torque or contact stress:
Maximize fatigue life
improved surface properties
Excellent load carrying capacity
Provides intermittent dry lubrication

pom busing

POM Bushing Belt Features

We are involved in supplying a range of qualitative self-lubricating POM belts to our renowned customers. The plates offered are designed using the highest quality raw materials and innovative technologies from suppliers, in sync with industry standards. The sheets we offer are rigorously tested against various parameters under the vigilance of our quality experts. In addition, our customers can offer this sheet to their customers at industry leading prices.

  • Rust proof
  • Friction coefficient
  • Easy maintenance

POM Bushes Strips Technical Data

Maximum Load and Static Load 250 N
Limit Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 11 x 10 to 6 K
Thermal Conductivity 4 W/ m k
Dynamic Load 140 N/ mm2
Temperature Limit 40 deg C to 130 deg C
Friction Coefficient 0.05 to 0.25
Maximum Sliding Speed 2.5 m/s
Wear Depth Limit 0.50 mm2
Maximum PV Value and Dry Lubricant 3 N/mm2 m/s
Oil Lubricant 22 N/mm2 m/s

POM composite plain bearings are suitable for applications requiring minimal maintenance under difficult operating conditions. Due to lubricant retention pockets on the sliding surfaces, viiplus POM composite plain bearings are particularly suitable for applications in polluted environments where a continuous or frequent supply of lubricant is not possible.

The performance of POM composite plain bearings depends on the interaction of load, lubrication, surface roughness, sliding speed and temperature encountered in a particular application.

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